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2021 CNG Cars myth busted

Complete List of Best Company-fitted CNG cars India 2021

The demand of CNG cars are increasingly being emphasized these days. CNG or Compressed Natural Gas is methane stored at high pressure. With a significant increase in CNG cars, there are a lot many myths that needs to be busted.

  1. Performance– Ideally, people believe that CNG cars feel different while driving as compared to Petrol and Diesel cars. This statement is absolutely wrong, in fact, they feel exactly the same.
  2. Safety– Another myth prevailing in the market is regarding the safety in CNG cars due to the gas tank fitted in the boot. In contrary, the gas tank is completely safe and is made according to the industry standards. Moreover, the gas tank is equipped with a safety valve and in case of uncertain fire, the gas will be released from this valve in a slow and steady manner. The endurance of the vehicle has been tested in extreme hot and cold temperatures also. In hot condition, the tank reaches a temperature of 200 bars but is capable to withstanding even more. On the other hand, in cold condition, freezing of natural gas is impossible as the melting point of natural gas in below 160.
  3. Transition– When the CNG car is out of gas, the engine automatically switches to Petrol (should contain petrol). The transition from CNG to petrol is done without stopping the car and without any jerk. A indicator is displayed to show that the car is currently running on Petrol.
  4. Pricing– The pricing of the CNG cars is done on the same basis as any other Petrol or Diesel car. In fact, CNG cars are way more efficient in terms of cost. It allows you to save 30% money as compared to Diesel and 55% money as compared to Petrol backed cars.
  5. Maintenance– The maintenance of CNG cars is no that different from Petrol or Diesel cars. The only thing which is different is the tightness of the gas system. It should be checked and certified before every MOT injection. Moreover, the tank health should be checked visually every 4 years.