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2024 Safari owner gets frustrated with Tata’s poor after sales service

2023 Tata Safari Facelift Review - Page 11 - Team-BHP

Following the software update the owner received on March 9th at an authorized service center, his Safari encountered a cascade of issues. Initially, despite the update being declared complete, his infotainment system remained outdated. Upon questioning, the service advisor provided incorrect information about the update not involving the infotainment system. Eventually, they admitted to the update failure and resorted to a cumbersome workaround involving a thumb drive installation.

Furthermore, a new bug emerged post-update, causing the dashboard display to automatically switch to the “Driver Assist” menu whenever the lane departure warning activated, irrespective of the current screen. Despite his attempts to resolve this through system restarts and resets, the issue persisted, with the service advisor attributing it to a bug that would need addressing in the next software update.

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Pre-existing issues with poor FM reception and the inability to activate the rear AC from the infotainment system remained unresolved. Additionally, the battery drained completely after the update, prompting roadside assistance intervention. Though the battery was deemed healthy, the cause of the drain remained elusive, despite a thorough check.

Service concerns compounded his dissatisfaction. The absence of a seat cover led to grease stains on the interior, which was rectified only after he voiced his displeasure. Despite these setbacks, Tata’s potential for world-class products is evident, but reliability and service issues hinder their progress. He’s considering exploring alternative service providers if these problems persist.