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5 Important things to be done after a road-accident

Road accidents in India claimed 415 lives, injured 1,286 people each day in 2018

As reported by World Bank, India statistically contributes to 11% among the total deaths due to road accidents. This figure is quite alarming as India has a vehicle density of 1% only.

The death ratio can be reduced significantly if people start taking ownership of their carelessness, report the incident to police in time and assist readily in the aftermath of the process. Here are few things to keep in mind if you are involved in an accident or have witnessed it:-

1.Note the details– The most crucial part in any accident is the details of the accident site. Remember to capture or note the incident in a correct manner. Having pictures or videos can prove handy in further investigation and a concrete decision can be taken as to who was at a major fault.

2.Seek help of police– Often people avoid reporting to police to avoid the hustle bustle and technicalities of the legal procedure. In fact, the parties involved the accident try to settle the matter on their own through bribing. Such negligent behavior can cost an arm and leg to the parties if any major damage or death is caused in the accident. By reporting the incident to police, important documents like FIR can be helpful in filing for car insurance claim, as they contain the detailed description of the accident.

3.Don’t create panic– After having the accident or eye witnessing it, do not rush from one place to another creating a havoc. Feelings of anger and anguish might make you loose your calm after seeing your prized possession getting damaged. But remember to allow the counter party to speak for itself.

4.Attend the follow ups–  When a FIR is filed for an accident, there is a long legal procedure before concluding the case. Sometimes it might taken even 6-7 months to recover your damage cost. One should be responsible enough to attend all the legal proceedings, so that you don’t allow the counter party to take advantage of your absence.

5.Information of the guilty party– True information about the accident causing party is very significant in filing for car insurance. Details like name of the driver, model of the car, license plate no, etc play a important part in recovering the correct amount of damage for the insurance company.

Meeting an accident is a worrisome situation for all the parties involved, therefore, one should be mindful of the words they choose. Getting into an unnecessary argument will not help anyone in seeking the right solution.