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All new Tesla Model S Plaid spontaneously starts catching fire

Tesla Model S Plaid Spontaneously Caught Fire, Lawyer Says
Telsa Model S plaid started catching fire in philadelphia, United States. The Sedan is the latest and quickest contender in the EV Market and the Deliveries of the EV have just begun.

According to latest media reports, A Tesla Model S Plaid caught fire near philadelphia, United States. Details are limited but as per the Gladwyne Volunteer Fire Department, Just prior to 9:00 PM, June 30, 2021 they responded to a call about the car catching the flames. The Fire Department assigned specially trained Fire-fighters to deal with the burning Car.Tesla-Model-S-plaid-aftermath

In Order to make sure the situation doesn’t become worse, They ensured continuous water supply to the battery pack of Tesla for which they made a separate water line. The Fire department was at the scene for around 3 hours. After completely extinguishing the fire, the EV was left with “Plaid” badging and Arachnid Wheels.


The Above image also suggests that they found battery cells lying on streets which somehow came out of the Car’s lithium ion battery pack. An investigation on this case is still underway, Currently there are no details regarding the reason of catching the flames. Generally Electric Vehicles catch fire while charging or after involving in an impactful crash. However, EV’s Spontaneously catching fire is something we have coming across for the first time. Thankfully, No passengers were present in the Car during the incident.