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Atal Setu (MTHL) witnesses first ever car crash, rams divider and topples

Atal setu accident

On Sunday afternoon, the Mumbai Trans Harbour Link Road, commonly known as Atal Setu, faced its inaugural accident, marking a significant incident for the newly operational route. Thankfully, the mishap resulted in no reported injuries, despite the involved vehicle suffering substantial damage. According to Nhava Sheva police, the event occurred between 3:00 and 3:30 pm when a car, carrying approximately five individuals, collided with the road divider. The vehicle, reportedly traveling at a high speed, lost control, collided with the divider, and eventually overturned. Despite the forceful impact, all occupants emerged unharmed, as confirmed by Amol Shinde, assistant police inspector at Nhava Sheva police station.

First accident on Mumbai's new Atal Setu, car rams divider, overturns on  Mumbai Trans Harbour Link, 5 injured - India Today

Following the incident, a senior officer from Nhava Sheva police station revealed that a thorough investigation is currently underway to uncover the root cause of the accident. The findings may lead to the consideration of a rash driving case against the driver. Given the occurrence on a busy Sunday, attracting the attention of fellow motorists, swift action was taken to clear the traffic, and the damaged car was promptly moved aside. Passengers, fortunate to escape unscathed, were safely transported home by their relatives, while the vehicle remains under police custody pending further investigation.

The accident on Atal Setu highlights the importance of ongoing safety measures and the need for a comprehensive understanding of the circumstances leading to such incidents. The fact that no injuries were reported is fortunate, but the investigation will play a crucial role in determining the lessons to be learned and potential preventive measures for the future. As the damaged vehicle is held at the police station, the aftermath underscores the collaborative efforts needed to maintain the safety and functionality of vital transportation infrastructure like the Mumbai Trans Harbour Link Road.