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Brembo to bring customizable LED Brake Calipers

Brembo's new glowing LED brake calliper looks stunning, improves safety -  The Financial Express..

World’s leading brake manufacturing company, Brembo, came up with a fresh technology called as G Sessanta caliper. In this technology, the brake calipers light up when they are applied. Moreover, with a connected device, the color of the LED light can be controlled.

Brembo Presents New LED Brake Caliper Concept

In support of this, Brembo released a video showcasing the actual working of G Sessanta brake caliper fitted into a motorcycle. The inspiration of the design for this caliper dates back to 1972, when the company’s first brake caliper was produced. Also, the shape and designing of the brake caliper is in accordance with the future patterns of calipers.

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The brake caliper seems an exact match with Brembo’s mirror-finish Greentive rotors as the light illuminated from them would bounce back off of them. A Brembo logo appears on the discs when its time to replace them with the new ones.

This illuminated caliper has dual benefits. Firstly, in terms to looking aesthetically cool and eye-catching. It provides as a way to draw attention towards the splash of colors which will be radiated through them. Secondly, as a check for speed, for other vehicles to know when to apply brakes or reduce their gears. Furthermore, it helps in detecting the vehicles in dark roads.