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Delhi government to setup AI-powered CCTVs to catch traffic violators


Ghaziabad Intelligent Traffic Management System

The Delhi transport department has announced plans to deploy artificial intelligence-powered cameras at entry points to the national capital for monitoring traffic violations, with a specific emphasis on pollution control norms. In addition to addressing environmental concerns, these cameras will possess the capability to identify various offenses. Notably, one of the cameras will be equipped to read vehicle number plates, facilitating the system in owner identification and the generation of additional details. Should a vehicle lack a valid Pollution Under Control Certificate (PUCC), the driver will receive an e-challan.

The data collected will be seamlessly integrated into the existing e-challan system, and there are intentions to further integrate it with the environmental compensation cess, collected by the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) on behalf of the Delhi government. This cess is imposed on commercial vehicles entering Delhi, and the integration aims to streamline processes and diminish manual intervention in traffic rule enforcement.

According to sources, the overseeing minister has instructed officials to formulate a comprehensive plan and present a proposal. The AI-powered cameras will not only concentrate on pollution control but will also play a role in enforcing bus lane regulations, identifying vehicles incorrectly using or parking in these lanes, and detecting other offenses.

The department is expected to release a tender for this ambitious project within the next one-and-a-half months, intending to install cameras at 13 key entry points to Delhi and NDMC entry points. This initiative is designed to improve traffic management, ensure environmental compliance, and decrease reliance on manual intervention in the monitoring and enforcement of traffic regulations.