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Dont Miss! 2021 toyota fortuner with adaptive suspension

modified Toyota Fortuner all black exterior adaptive suspension

The Fortuner is the most admired SUV in India and there’s no two ways about this fact be it any age group, this SUV never fails to appeal them and the strong sales volume give a clear justice to this. It is the Presence, robustness, reliability and tremendous offroading capabilites that people adore this SUV.

But what still leaves Fortuner owners wanting for is the Plush ride quality, No doubt the Fortuner remains rock-solid at highway speeds, but it’s the low-speed ride quality which keeps it far behind from it’s competition by offering a good balance between ride and handling.

This time the Fortuner we have come across will offer excellent ride quality as well as rock solid stability. The owner installed an adaptive suspension through which one can alter the nature of handling and ride.

modified Toyota Fortuner adaptive suspension

The video posted below says that the SUV has been named as ‘Black Panther’ which actually goes with the all black customization which owner has made.

The Video says replacement of old dampers by new one, also there’s a controller placed at the centre console which uses dashboard mouted GPS system to know about the upcoming road conditions and alter the nature of suspension accordingly. Not only this but one can also adjust the things manually ranging between 20 settings.

The ground clearance of the SUV has also been increased as a result of installation of adaptive suspension. The cost of the adaptive suspension system was reported to be around Rs. 2.25 lakh.