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Drunk Audi Driver Crashes Auto-Rickshaw at high speed, 1 dead

Overspeeding luxury car rams into auto-rickshaw in Cyberabad. Watch Here

On the night of 27th June 2021, amidst heavy rainfall, an over speeding Audi car hit an auto from behind causing the death of the passenger.

A hit and run accident took place in Cyberabad, near Inorbit Mall at 5 in the morning. As seen in the video, a fast-moving Audi car smashed an Auto from its back causing the auto to spin and eventually crash at the roadside. The auto-driver had a ride with him whom he picked up from a place called Prism Pub. The heedless action of the car’s driver made the passenger lose his life to death on the spot while leaving the driver seriously injured.

The surrounding people rushed the wounded driver to a nearby hospital and is being treated. Reportedly, the Cyberabad Traffic Police came to a conclusion that the car’s driver was under the influence of alcohol and hence could not take control over his speed. Moreover, after hitting the auto, the car driver showed no mercy to the injured and ran straightaway. 

In the latest updates, the police have arrested the driver, Sujith Reddy and his co-passenger P.Ashish on 29th June 2021. A video of the accident was released by the Cyberabad Traffic Police, via their Twitter handle with an aim to stress the repercussions of drunk driving and unnecessary speeding in monsoons. 

Team Autothrust India hopes the accused will be duly punished and the victims’ families will be provided assistance in the process and thereafter.