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Ford patents banner scanning technology, displays In-car Ads

Ford aims for 100 self-driving cars on the road by the end of 2019

Ford’s application says the technology will display all the information related to the Ad banner or billboard including directions, Services, products and phone number.

We are quite well-aware with the Cars featured with techs that read traffic signals, speed limits, delivering important details to the driver. But have you ever come across a car tech that could scan the banner (say McDonald’s) when you are being stopped at a signal and will deliver almost every info regarding the same? never right?

Ford has got something very interesting for you all. Often, we ignore the banner situated at different spots in our city commutes, but Ford’s new tech will make sure that you dont ignore them.

How it works?

Basically, the tech works by scanning the Advertisement Banners, interpreting all the details and throwing all the useful information right at driver’s display. Now it may sound a bit irritating and distracting to some of you, but for now it’s just a patent application and we never know ford might even introduce in it’s Car or not.

Now it’s not difficult for us to imagine a future wherein you are chilling around with your car and your car prompts a notification of your dearest restaurant because the Vehicle knows it’s weekend and this would be nothing but just another add-on to do just like that for a contemporary driving experience.

This would also compel the advertisers to pay Ford to have an access to their advertisements by the fleet of banner-scanning featured cars, therefore generating revenue like crazy.