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Fortuner driver fined Rs.50000 for running it in sand dunes in leh ladakh

A couple from Jaipur was fined Rs 50,000 after they drove their car over sand dunes in Hunder village in Ladakh. Leh Police posted pictures of the couple’s Fortuner parked on sand dunes in Nubra Valley on Facebook. The police said that driving on sand dunes can damage the natural landscape.
“One tourist vehicle was found violating the SDM Nubra’s direction not to drive cars over sand dunes in Hunder. The couple from Jaipur were booked as per law and a bond of Rs.50,000 was taken from them. District police Leh requests tourists NOT TO PLY VEHICLES ON SAND DUNES as you damage the natural landscape and violate the prohibitory orders,” Leh Police said.
Netizens criticised the tourists for their “lack of common sense” and praised the police for the action. One user said, “Very proud of our District Police Leh. Rules must be stringent so tourists won’t violate any traffic rules. Please keep the mountains/ landscape clean and wish to see more of such strict traffic rules!”
Another suggested, “Best way to get out of a situation like this is deflate tyres to bare minimum.”