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Frustrated Maruti XL6 owner burns his car at showroom

Maruti XL6 set on fire inside showroom

In a startling incident that has left the automotive community perplexed, a recently purchased Maruti XL6 MPV erupted in flames inside an authorized dealer showroom, as captured on CCTV and widely shared on social media. The owner, Geet Vaishnav from Rampayali, Madhya Pradesh, had acquired the Maruti XL6 just a month ago, investing approximately Rs 13 lakh in the vehicle. Dissatisfied with the car’s performance due to a reported technical fault, Vaishnav took the vehicle to the Kamathi Motor Servicing Center in Garra on Sunday.

Mitesh Surana, the in-charge of the service center, mentioned that the car was new, and Vaishnav had brought it in for its first servicing. After registering his complaint, Vaishnav was informed that the vehicle would be attended to, with a deadline set until 4:30 pm.

Owner caught on CCTV - setting his own car on fire
Image source: Rushlane


However, the unexpected turn of events occurred when Vaishnav, arriving at the service center at two o’clock, took an unprecedented step. Allegedly without clear reasons, he sprinkled petrol on his new Maruti XL6 and set it ablaze, creating chaos within the showroom. Despite efforts to extinguish the fire, its intensity proved overwhelming, resulting in significant damage to the vehicle.

The perplexing question of why the car owner resorted to such drastic measures remains unanswered. Authorities are currently conducting an investigation into the incident, and the Maruti dealer has filed a complaint with the local police. Fortunately, no one was injured in this incident.

The Maruti XL6, positioned as a premium version of the popular Ertiga, is a well-received model in its segment, featuring a 1.5-liter petrol engine. The incident is unusual given the car’s popularity, and the automotive community awaits further details to comprehend the motivations behind this shocking act. As investigations unfold, the incident serves as a stark reminder of the diverse challenges faced by the automotive industry, ranging from technical issues to extreme reactions from disgruntled vehicle owners. While protests at dealer showrooms are not uncommon, the act of sprinkling petrol on one’s own car inside a dealer showroom premises is unprecedented.