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Gujarat authorities to take legal actions on Car’s with bright after-market LED lights

Installation of aftermarket LED headlamps has witnessed a massive surge across India over the last few years as the demand for bright white LED lights has ramped up. While several automakers offer white LED headlights in their respective vehicles as factory fitment, many car owners opt for aftermarket installation in case the vehicle comes with conventional yellow lamps. The Transport Department of the Government of Gujarat has reportedly issued a directive stating that the installation of unauthorized white LED headlights in any type of vehicle is now prohibited, claims a report by Desh Gujarat.

The notification reportedly stated that vehicle owners caught with modifications such as white LED light installation will face penalties. The Ahmedabad RTO has reportedly initiated a campaign targeting vehicles with unauthorised lights. In the directive, the Commissionerate of Transport of the Government of Gujarat has highlighted the seriousness of the issue.


The excessively bright white light emitted by the white LED lights and additional lights can pose danger to the traffic coming from the opposite direction as the glare of the white light may blind the drivers coming from the opposite direction. This could as a result lead to a major and fatal mishap. The directive has instructed all the RTOs under the Commissionerate’s jurisdiction to conduct enforcement drives and submit action-taken reports.

The issue with the aftermarket fitment of LED lights is not only confined to urban areas. On national highways as well, the use of white LED headlights poses a major distraction for drivers and other vehicles, resulting in numerous accidents. The Commissioner of Transport has reportedly received multiple complaints about unauthorized white LED lights causing distractions, which prompted it to issue a written directive for stringent enforcement. The report also stated that besides taking legal action against the vehicle owners installing such white LED lights, the authorities will also crack down on auto accessory shops selling and installing unauthorised white LED lights.