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Honda Accord’s windshield broken by a women to rescue puppies locked in car

Two pane image - animal activists surround car with puppies locked inside; rear windshield broken to rescue them

An incident in Delhi has stirred social media, as a woman from Chirang Enclave faces criticism for allegedly mistreating three puppies. The woman reportedly confined the puppies inside a parked car, prompting intervention from other women and social activists. A viral video captures an animal activist urging the woman to release the puppies. Reports suggest the confinement lasted for an extended period, possibly four months, with the woman resisting cooperation despite police presence. The activists eventually broke the car’s rear windshield to rescue the puppies, triggering outrage online.

Recent instances of parents leaving children or pets inside locked cars have raised concerns about the associated dangers, particularly in countries where this trend is becoming more common. Despite the Delhi incident occurring in cold weather, worries persist about the animals’ safety.

Women Break Honda Accord’s Windshield To Rescue Puppies Locked In Car For Days [Video]

Speculation surrounds the woman’s motives, with tired pet owners occasionally abandoning animals due to the challenges of pet care. Leaving dogs locked in cars falls under animal cruelty laws in India, with potential fines and jail time, though enforcement of these laws is often lenient.