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India to collect toll via GPS by 2022

Nitin Gadkari, Union Minister of Road Transport and Highways announces “India to become toll booth free” in the next two years in order to ensure a seamless vehicle movement across the country.

Toll Collection india



India will exit from the use of toll booth operations once the initiative is implemented within the next two years. The toll amount will be directly subtracted from the bank account based on the Vehicle moment.

“We have finalized a GPS system with the help of the Russian government. In two years, India will be toll naka mukt,” said Gadkari. Many Vehicles nowadays come equipped with Vehicle tracking system and the one’s which are older, the government will be coming up with a mechanism to install the GPS Technology in those too.

As a result, the income of NHAI could rise as high as Rs 1.34 trillion in the next five years using the GPS technology. “Yesterday, there was a presentation in the presence of the secretary, road transport and highways, and chairman, NHAI. By using GPS technology for toll collection we expect that our toll income in next five years will be 1,34,000 crore,” Says Gadkari.



The Central Government has been taking certain steps in order to ensure a seamless and smooth movement of Vehicles across the nation. Over the past few years, the Centre has been energetically pushing the compulsory use of FASTag at National Highways which will not only help in preventing the traffic congestion but also saving the fuel consumption, thereby curbing the Air-Pollution. Moreover, it will also enable cashless transactions, transparent collection of toll and assisting the government to plug the revenue leakages.