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India’s first CNG Automatic Car is from Tata, launching soon

CNG Automatic Tata tiago/tigor

Tata Motors is making big advancements in the car industry, especially with their upcoming Tiago CNG AMT and Tigor CNG AMT models. They’ve given us a sneak peek of these new cars on social media, suggesting a launch is coming soon. These vehicles will be the first in India to combine compressed natural gas (CNG) technology with automated manual transmission (AMT), breaking new ground in the country’s car market.

Before, the Tiago and Tigor models had CNG options but only with manual transmission. Now, adding AMT to the CNG versions is expected to make them even more attractive. Tata Motors is responding to the increasing cost of fuel by introducing CNG technology, aiming to meet the needs of consumers looking for fuel-efficient and eco-friendly alternatives.

The Tiago CNG is currently offered in seven different versions, while the Tigor CNG comes in four versions. The success of the Tiago and Tigor models has significantly boosted Tata Motors’ sales in the Indian passenger vehicle market.

Although we don’t know all the details about the CNG AMT variants yet, it’s expected that they will be similar to their manual counterparts. The introduction of AMT to the Tiago and Tigor CNG models could open the door for the Altroz CNG to also get this technology, as the Altroz already has a petrol-CNG bi-fuel system.