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India’s first EV to be converted in Scooter or Rickshaw is from Hero

Hero MotoCorp Surge EV

Hero MotoCorp’s subsidiary, Surge, has introduced the S32, a modular vehicle combining an electric scooter and a 3W electric vehicle for cargo or passenger transport. Aimed at supporting self-employed individuals, the S32 allows users to have both an electric scooter and a 3W rickshaw in one package. This innovative “class-shifting vehicle” enables users to transition between owning a cargo vehicle and personal transportation. Surge claims that the conversion from the scooter to the 3W setup takes about 3 minutes and can occur on any terrain with adaptive controls for a smooth transition.

The Surge S32 features a front passenger cabin resembling a typical 3W electric cargo vehicle, with a windscreen, headlights, and turn indicators. By lifting the front windshield section vertically, users reveal the electric scooter with its own LED headlights, turn indicators, speedometer, and switchgear. The scooter connects to the 3W vehicle’s components, powertrain, and battery through a manual electric interface.

Hero MotoCorp Surge EV

The powertrain and battery are divided between the 3W vehicle and the scooter. The 3W vehicle boasts a 10 kW (13.4 bhp) power, a top speed of 50 km/h, and an 11 kWh battery, with a cargo capacity of 500 kg. The scooter has a 3 kW (4 bhp) power, a top speed of 60 km/h, and a 3.5 kWh battery. Surge plans to offer three cargo models and one e-rickshaw variant for passenger transport. The Surge S32 aims to provide a cost-effective solution and increased flexibility for self-employed individuals in India.

Hero Surve EV - 2 in 1 convertible EV