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know these 5 important things before buying a used Car

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When deciding to buy a second hand vehicle, there are many things that are to be considered so that you don’t end up being scammed by the seller in the name of a used car. Here are a few things that one should keep in mind before heading to buy a second hand vehicle.

1.Know your wants– Firstly, you should know the objective for buying a used car. Specify the type of car, whether you are looking for a micro, mini, sedan or a SUV. Next, decide onto which features you will need according to your requirement. Having a clear set of all such answers will guide you better in making a right and quick decision.

2.Budget– Another important thing to make note of is your budget constraint. Having a budget eliminates the options that don’t fit into your requirement and enables you to choose between the choices available. Also, the budget should be kept flexible to some extent so that if you like a car slightly out of your budget constraint, you can have some extra funds to purchase it.

3.Examining the car– One should not be carried away by the shining metal of the car before examining its functionality. To be sure of its working, go for a 5km drive yourself on a highway and in city roads to check how swiftly the brakes, clutches and accelerator operate. Moreover, check the odometer and other gauges to know if they are tampered.

4.Car history– Having known the car history or any past accidents helps to estimate the total useful life of the car. Buying from a verified seller like Maruti Suzuki True Value or Mahindra First Choice, will assist in knowing all he true and important information about the car.

5.Avoid long term finance– Availing a loan for a used vehicle is not a smart option. The reason being, firstly, the car is available to you at a cheaper rate, so you can start saving money beforehand to make its payment at one go. By availing a loan for 3-4 years, you end up paying an unnecessary extra amount in terms of EMI and interest for a used car.