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Long waiting period of the Mahindra Thar compels Indians to build their own Thar

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Relishing a super strong demand and enquiries in the nation, the waiting period of this Mighty SUV goes up as high as 10-12 months depending on the Variants and Cities.

Despite working round the clock and ramping up the production capacity, the waiting period of thar still never falls. Reportedly, Automatic variants are seeing highest number of waiting periods. Waiting period of upto almost 1 year is now compelling People to build one on their own.

Indians begin building their own ‘New Mahindra Thars’ thanks to super long waiting period

Jeep Life India is one such example of it, who has started modifying an old Thar to convert into New Thar for similar visual appearance. The Details are quite limited and we are unsure about the Model year. However, we have dug pretty-good details out from the Picture posted on Instagram.

How It’s been made?

In order to make it like an all new unit, the old unit undergoes with some significant alterations which includes completely revised front-profile, Bumper, Bonnet and windshield frame. Even the Fenders are utterly revamped, the grille is pretty similar to what we have seen in the Wrangler.

Indians begin building their own ‘New Mahindra Thars’ thanks to super long waiting period

Having Said that, This is just a prototype and the overall design and styling theme will be different as soon as the Converted unit joins production line. Presently, due to supply shortage of spare parts, the progress has been postponed.

Is it Legal?

Well, the simple answer to that is NO. Since this Thar is undergoing transformation over it’s body, it couldn’t be considered as Legal to run on our Indian Roads. However, if it would have involved changes related to Bumper, Grille, Hood etc. then it might have definitely stayed out of the Radar of Police Officers as per the RTO rules.


The SUV is yet to become completely ready and it’s quite difficult to figure out speculative pricing since it’s involves high amount of customization. However, all we can say is that it is going to be cheaper compared to the Present Thar on sale.