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Mahindra ordered by court to refund 13 lakhs or provide new XUV500 to frustrated owner

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Manoj Kumar Sharma from Ghaziabad bought a Mahindra XUV for ₹13 lakh in 2011. Unfortunately, the car had various problems like faulty ignition and brakes, which led to an accident. Despite repairs, issues with ignition, brakes, central lock, and clutch persisted. Sharma took the matter to consumer courts, eventually reaching the National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (NCDRC) in Delhi.

The NCDRC, on April 9, ruled in Sharma’s favor, directing Mahindra to either replace the XUV with a new one or refund the full amount within 60 days. Mahindra contested the allegations, claiming the car was sold in perfect condition and any issues were promptly addressed. However, the NCDRC found evidence of recurring problems despite repairs, concluding that the consumer’s dissatisfaction was valid.

The NCDRC highlighted the persistent issues faced by Sharma, including breakdowns during travel and frequent visits to the garage for repairs. They noted that an earlier inspection had also revealed engine problems. Sharma was represented by advocates K K Sharma and Mohit Sharma throughout the legal proceedings.

Ultimately, the NCDRC’s decision allows Sharma to either receive a new car or a full refund, highlighting the importance of consumer rights and holding manufacturers accountable for product defects.