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Mahindra Thar owner recklessly drives on footpath, police remains silent

mahindra thar owner thug

Recently, a video surfaced showing a Mahindra Thar driver engaging in reckless behavior on Indian roads. The footage captures the driver performing dangerous stunts, such as driving on dividers and sidewalks, and even hitting parked vehicles. Despite the blatant violations, the driver was not stopped by the traffic police, raising concerns about law enforcement’s response.

The video highlights the driver’s disregard for road safety as he maneuvers the Thar in unlawful ways, including driving on sidewalks crowded with pedestrians. Additionally, the vehicle lacked proper number plates and had tinted windows, further indicating violations. Despite these infractions, the driver faced no consequences from the police, prompting criticism of their inaction.

The video ends with the driver dangerously interacting with other vehicles on the road, leaving viewers questioning whether authorities will take action against such behavior. While the identity of the driver remains unknown, the incident underscores the need for stricter enforcement of traffic laws to ensure public safety on Indian roads.