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Mahindra XUV700 Electric spied disguised at Factory

IMG 20240108 WA00011 1

Mahindra is entering the electric vehicle (EV) market in 2024 with updated models like the XUV400 and a new XUV300 EV. Their main focus, however, is on the XUV700 EV, also known as the XUV.e8 concept, expected to debut in late 2024. Recent spy shots show a nearly finished look, resembling the XUV700 but with unique front features like a full-width LED light bar and a sealed-off grille, which are typical of EV designs.

Inside, the XUV.e8 boasts three screens for the driver, infotainment, and passenger. While sharing some parts with the regular XUV700, the interior emphasizes modern touches. The XUV700 EV is built on Mahindra’s INGLO platform, providing all-wheel drive and offering battery options up to 80kWh. The power output is expected to range from 230hp to over 350hp.

Anticipated to hit the market by December 2024, the XUV.e8 will be followed by an SUV-coupe version, the XUV.e9. Mahindra is strategically positioning itself in the growing EV segment, aiming to offer a competitive and advanced electric SUV option.