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Man burns Lamborghini Gallardo over a fight with owner

In the Pahad Shareef area of Hyderabad, a luxurious Lamborghini Gallardo belonging to a car dealer became the target of arson during a dispute with a rival over a business matter. The incident occurred on Saturday and originated from a disagreement regarding commission sharing related to a car sale. What initially started as a verbal altercation quickly escalated into violence, leading the accused to set fire to the high-end vehicle.

Luxury car dealer's Lamborghini set on fire over money dispute

Emergency responders rushed to the scene, but their attempts to extinguish the flames were in vain as the car had already been engulfed entirely by fire. The Lamborghini Gallardo, valued at around Rs 1 crore and registered in the name of Neeraj, suffered severe and irreversible damage.

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Neeraj has filed a formal complaint at the local police station, prompting authorities to take legal action. A case has been registered under Section 435 of the IPC for Mischief by fire or explosive substance with intent to cause damage. Additionally, a look-out notice has been issued for the accused, who is currently evading authorities.