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Man converts Maruti Alto into a self-driving car using a Redmi Phone

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Meet Mankaran Singh, a tech lover from India, who did something amazing with his Maruti Alto K10 car. He turned it into a self-driving car using a second-hand Redmi Note 9 Pro phone and some smart tech called OpenPilot.

Singh started by using OpenPilot, which helps cars drive themselves a bit. Even though his car wasn’t supposed to work with this tech, he figured out a way to make it happen. He calls his modified system “FlowDrive Ai,” and it runs on different types of computers, like Linux, Windows, and Android.

The coolest part is how Singh made the car steer itself. He put in a special motor to control the steering wheel, even though his car normally doesn’t have this fancy feature. While it’s not clear if he got all the advanced features working perfectly, what he did has gotten a lot of attention from tech and car people.

People from all over the world are excited about Singh’s invention. They’re using his idea on their own cars and sharing videos of how they’ve changed their cars too. This shows how much people like the idea of using free tech to make cars drive on their own.

But some people worry if it’s safe, especially in India where traffic can be pretty chaotic. Singh says he took safety seriously during his tests. Still, there’s a debate about whether DIY self-driving cars are safe enough for real traffic.