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Man converts old Hyundai Santro into swimming pool, video goes viral

Old Hyundai Santro Converted Into A Swimming Pool [Video]

In a recent viral video circulating on Instagram, a group of creative friends from India showcased a unique solution to beat the intense summer heat. Inside a Hyundai Santro, they transformed the car into a makeshift swimming pool. The video, shared by the Losers Army, features three friends comfortably seated in the hatchback, with water filling the interior.

At first glance, the Hyundai Santro appears ordinary from the outside. However, upon closer inspection, the surprising sight of friends submerged in water inside the car becomes apparent. The friends, indulging in snacks and drinks, add to the humorous ambiance as they chant a popular meme that has been trending on social media platforms.

Old Hyundai Santro Converted Into A Swimming Pool [Video]

The interior modifications are visible as the front and rear seats have been removed, replaced by a sturdy blue tarpaulin sheet typically used for tents. Despite these alterations, essential components like the driver’s seat and steering wheel remain intact, suggesting that the car’s drivability is unaffected by the creative adaptation.