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Maruti Suzuki delivers 7.2 lakh Vehicles in 5 years

Maruti Suzuki has shipped over 7.2 lakh Vehicles in 5 years, in which 1.8 lakh units were being dispatched in 2020-21 itself using the railway line. Maruti Suzuki days making use of Indian Railways for transport of it’s cars has got several benefits due it’s speedy and economical nature.

Maruti Suzuki saves fossil fuel consumption, transport cars via Railways

This method of delivering is not only safe and quick but has also helped it offset over 3200 MT of CO2 emissions. Also, this method helps in decongesting highway traffic upto a great extent, thus reducing the dependibility on one source of transport.

“The transportation of finished vehicles via railways has many tangible benefits. It is a clean, environment friendly mode of transportation,” explained Kenichi Ayukawa, MD and CEO at Maruti Suzuki India. “As a conscious effort at Maruti Suzuki, we have taken important steps to enhance vehicle transportation via railways.”

Maruti had first started taking the rail option to transport its vehicles back in 2014 and states it has since saved over 100,000 truck trips across the highways of the country.