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MG Motor India achieves 15.2% increase in production of medical oxygen within a week

Since MG Motor India and Moksi-based Devnandan Gases Pvt. Ltd. joined hands to increase the production of medical oxygen; within a span of one week they have achieved 15.2% increase in production volume.

  • Average daily production of oxygen increased from 6056 to 6979 m3. (923m3 – 15.2% increase in production volume)
  • 923 m3 increased production accounts to additional 132 oxygen cylinders of 7m3 capacity.
  • Average hourly production increase from 36 cylinders to 41 cylinders.(5 additional cylinders per hour)

Devnandan Gases Pvt Ltd. is one of the key medical oxygen gas producers of Vadodara. MG Motor India is focused on assisting the overall oxygen gas production. It will address specific areas of the manufacturing process such as infrastructure expansion and the elimination of major losses with lean principles. This will help in increasing the production capacity by 25% in the next two weeks with the vision of increasing it further to 50% in the near future.