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New Tata Nexon catches fire while driving


Tata Motors is renowned for its robust build quality and is currently the sole car manufacturer in India boasting the highest number of 5-star rated cars in its lineup. However, like any automotive brand, Tata is not without imperfections. Instances have emerged where customers faced issues with their vehicles, and the service centers struggled to address them. A recent incident captured on video involved a month-old Tata Nexon facelift, specifically the Creative Plus S variant, which caught fire while in motion. Although the occupants survived, the vehicle was reduced to ashes within 30 minutes. The video, shared by Adhiraj Samdani on YouTube, raises questions about the safety of the Tata Nexon.

The footage shows a Tata Nexon engulfed in flames. It remains unclear whether the person recording the video is the car owner. Despite the video title suggesting an electric vehicle (EV), the number plate indicates an internal combustion engine (ICE) version with a white-colored registration plate. Further investigation revealed that the car was only a month old and belonged to the Creative Plus S variant of the Nexon, part of Tata’s revamped nomenclature with variants named Smart, Pure, Creative, and Fearless.

The incident occurred in the Delhi NCR region, judging by the visible registration plate indicating Uttar Pradesh. Despite the severity of the situation, Tata Motors has not issued an official statement regarding the accident. Notably, this is not the first occurrence of a Tata car catching fire while in operation. The owner of the affected Nexon has mentioned on Twitter that Tata Motors is in constant communication with him and his family, providing cooperation in addressing the aftermath of the incident.