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Newly bought OLA S1 pro starts burning while riding

Ola Electric’s electric scooters have been facing criticism and scrutiny due to incidents of them catching fire. Another such incident has been reported, where a four-month-old Ola S1 Pro scooter burned down while being driven on a highway. The incident, captured in a video shared on Instagram by Yash Bharat News, occurred in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh. The owner, identified as Abdul Rahman, recounted how their scooter emitted smoke while being ridden, prompting them to stop on the highway. Shortly after stopping, the smoke turned into flames, resulting in the complete destruction of the scooter and even its battery cells bursting.

ola s1 pro new fire highway madhya pradesh

In a separate incident during a test ride in Kerala, another Ola Electric scooter caught fire. The video of this incident, also shared on Instagram, showed the scooter emitting smoke from underneath the seat before turning into a fireball and burning down completely. The rider stopped the scooter and recorded the incident, with reports indicating that the fire brigade was eventually called to the scene. Despite these incidents, the exact reasons behind the fires have not been determined yet, leaving questions about the safety of Ola Electric scooters unanswered.

While the specific causes of these fires remain unknown, these incidents raise concerns about the safety of Ola Electric scooters. Without proper investigation and corrective measures by the company, there may be more such incidents in the future. It is crucial for Ola Electric to address these safety issues promptly to ensure the trust and confidence of its customers in their products.