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Tesla Officials play ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ at 60 Fps in Model S’s infotainment System

As soon as Officials announced Model S Plaid in FY2020 the EV Maker was quick to indicate that the Sedan would flaunt a 10-teraflop infotainment system.

During the Unveil event of Model S plaid, Tesla went on to show off the cool features of Infotainment System which included Cyberpunk 2077 being played on it at super impressive and unexpected 60 FPS. Heck, attendees of the event even saw gaming controllers equipped with the infotainment system.

Tesla Model S Plaid’s PS5-Level gaming infotainment System was being hyped and taken quite warmly on the Internet so much so that netizens even made fun of some gaming consoles by claiming that the game actually runs smoothly and better in Tesla.

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However, what we found super interesting to know is that Tesla is likely to work on it’s gaming controllers as well. Going through the above footage, it seems like Tesla has made the controllers quite precisely fitting perfectly for driving games. Moreover, the Controller also bore ‘Tesla’ badge on them. The Tesla gaming controller featured 2 two analog sticks similar to the PS5 DualSense wireless control.

The Secret behind mindboggling performance of Tesla’s infotainment system lies within the AMD chips which powers them. Being mated by the AMD Ryzen processor, it enables infotainment system to run AAA Games without a sweat at all.