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Ola Electric Invites 50000 customers to visit it’s Futurefactory

Electric vehicle company Ola (OLA) has sent a special invitation to its customers. The company has made a plan to take a tour of its Future Factory to its 50,000 customers. All this is being done to make the launch of the MoveOS2 software special. The company is going to launch OS2 software on June 19. Ola CEO Bhavish Aggarwal has given information about this plan of the company by tweeting. The company has planned to invite almost all the customers of Ola S1 scooter.

launch of software

Bhavesh Aggarwal tweeted that the plan was to invite the first 1000 customers for the customers event at Ola Futurefactory on Sunday 19th June. Now we have decided to invite all our Ola S1 customers who are more than 50,000. The customers will also be given a factory tour and the launch of MoveOS 2 will also take place.

Ola Electric is about to provide the MoveOS2 software update to its customers. This will be the first major update after the arrival of Ola’s electric scooter in August 2021. Through this, customers will get many new features.

Many new features can be found

Ola had told a few months ago that the company will bring updates for its customers in June. This update will also be available to those scooters which have been dispatched. The company had informed that those features will also be activated, which are not available in the current scooter.

These features can have features like Bluetooth connectivity, navigation, cruise control. Several customers of Ola Electric had complained about the software in some of the scooters already delivered.

Customers had lodged complaints

For some time now, many customers have registered their complaints on social media regarding Ola scooters. In this, most complaints have been filed regarding the range and reverse feature of the company’s scooter. Keeping this in mind, the company has recently brought a new operating system MoveOS2 for its scooter. Ola last month increased the price of its electric scooter S1 Pro. Ola has increased the price of S1 Pro by Rs 10,000.