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Ola’s first electric car images leaked, to offer 500 km range

Ola's first electric car

Ola’s first electric car to be launched by late 2024 in India

The Indian EV start-up, Ola Electric, has revealed a leaked patent image providing a glimpse of its upcoming electric four-wheeler. The design showcases a minimalistic approach with similarities to the Tesla Model S and Model 3, featuring a sedan silhouette with a coupe-like roofline. The rounded and aerodynamically optimized body panels are accompanied by wheels pushed out towards the edges to accommodate a larger battery.

Ola Electric car Interior & Design

The front of the car lacks a traditional grille, with the smooth front bumper dominating the fascia and incorporating air intakes on the sides. The headlamp assembly consists of sleek, horizontal lamps connected by an LED light bar, which stretches across the width of the car. The profile reveals an air vent behind the front fender, flush door handles, and a pinched window line. The patent image suggests a dual-tone effect for the roof, potentially with a full glass option. No details of the rear styling have been provided.

Previous teasers from Ola have hinted at the possibility of multiple body styles, including a high-riding crossover. However, it remains uncertain if these variations will be available.

Ola Electric Car Interior

Regarding the interior, Ola has showcased a teaser of the upcoming four-wheeler, revealing an octagonal, two-spoke steering wheel with haptic controls, a free-standing digital instrument cluster, and a large landscape-oriented touchscreen with a floating design at the center. The interior is expected to follow a minimalist approach, devoid of physical controls.

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Ola Electric car performance & launch timeline

While technical details are currently limited, it is speculated that the electric car will feature a 70-80kWh battery pack with a range exceeding 500 kilometers. Ola aims for a sub-4 second 0-100kph acceleration time and a drag coefficient of 0.21Cd. The vehicle will also offer assisted driving capabilities, keyless and handleless doors, and will be powered by Ola’s proprietary MoveOS software.

The launch of Ola’s first electric car is scheduled for 2024, and it is positioned as a premium offering with an anticipated starting price above Rs 25 lakh.