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Owner brings MG Comet as a replacement to Honda Activa, Shares experience

MG Comet Honda Activa

While electric cars are becoming more popular, smaller two-door electric cars are still facing challenges. However, for some people, a small electric car is just what they need. One person who already has a Volkswagen Taigun was looking for a second car to replace their Activa scooter, mainly used by their mom for short city rides. Because they had limited parking space, they were considering the Tata Tiago and MG Comet.

The Tata Tiago seemed good with its features and performance, but it was too wide for their parking space. With a budget of about Rs 8 lakh, the Tiago XE Medium Range variant didn’t have the specific features they wanted. On the other hand, the MG Comet, especially the base variant (Pace), had everything they needed and more, like hill hold assist and one-touch power windows. They bought the MG Comet for Rs 7.90 lakh, and it came with a free reverse camera. The user’s mom liked how easy it was to see out of the car and maneuver in tight spaces.

New MG Comet EV

During tests, the MG Comet went about 180 km in ‘Sports Mode,’ with a certified range of 230 km. The owner believes they can get up to 200 km with careful driving and regenerative braking. The car came with an MG-branded Legrand wall charging kit, installed for free.

Disadvantages reported by owner

Even though the user had mostly good things to say about the MG Comet, they pointed out a few things that could be better. The charging time was a bit long at around 7 hours, but it wasn’t a big deal for short trips. The user also mentioned that the small wheels and skinny tires were not great when dealing with bigger obstacles on the road.

New MG Comet EV Charging setup

Inside, there wasn’t enough enclosed storage space, and the user suggested that future versions of the MG Comet EV could improve on these aspects. In this case, the cost of running the car is almost zero because the owner charges it with solar power. They plan to keep sharing their experiences with the Comet EV regularly.