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Police stopping random Tesla Cars in China

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Numerous Tesla owners are being stopped on highway by Police specifically in Guanzhou district of China over safety concerns, This comes in the wake of recent lethal Tesla accident in U.S wherein 2 people lost their life. Also, in the wake of Protest by Tesla owner’s in Shanghai.

“The traffic accident occurred in the north of Dongjiang Avenue, Zengcheng District, Guangzhou on April 13, according to a statement released by Zengcheng public security bureau on Wednesday. A car caught fire after colliding with the cement barrier on the right side of the road and another car, leading to one passenger dead, said the statement,” said reports of Global Times.

“This afternoon, we have proactively contacted the Zhengzhou Municipal Market Supervision Administration and reported the relevant situation. In order to protect the rights and interests of consumers, we are willing to cooperate fully and provide the raw data of the vehicle half an hour before the incident to the third-party appraisal agency or the technology designated by the government. The regulatory authority or the consumer himself,” said one Weibo user.

Twist in the story

There has been many reports of such cases in China, However, the police said that it was just a normal exercise they were performing with all the random cars on highway irrespective of weather it’s a Tesla car or not. Though, the Tesla owners still stick with their opinion that they were being target exclusively.