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Rare brand new McLaren 765LT caught fire just after few days of delivery

A rare McLaren 765LT starting catching fire at a Gas station in Pennsylvania. According to reports, Members of the fire department arrived on the scene and found the Vehicle burning near a fuel pump.

Couldn’t Save the McLaren

While the Authorities were putting in their best efforts to quickly extinguish the fire, sadly they couldn’t save the British SuperCar. As one can see on Footage, The SuperCar has been utterly knock-down  and left with only a molten metal, Carbonfibre and Plastic.

McLaren 765LT Burns To Pile Of Ash In Fire At Gas Station

Reports suggests that the owner freshly purchased the SuperCar and barely did 100 Km. Thankfully, no one was being injured in the incident.

Cause of incident

It remains to be seen what set-off the fire. Assuming rhe fact that the blaze started right next to a fuel pump indicates that there could have been some kind of fuel mishap but it’s still impossible to say. Whatever the cause, we hope for the sake of the driver that they have an insurance policy that will fully cover the loss of the car.

The 765LT is powered by a 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine Churning out a 755 hp and 800 Nm of power and torque respectively.