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Rolls-Royce with Crocodile Leather Interior seized by authorities

Customizing vehicles with animal skin is the new high society fantasy. Using animal skin for fulfilling such purposes has faced many backlash in the past times by our environmentalists. Recently, a Rolls-Royce Phantom was seized by the Italian authorities claiming that the seat cover was made by the leather of an endangered specie of Crocodile.

As confirmed by the sources, the lavish Phantom was being exported from Russia to Italy. Owing to its clearly visible crocodile leather seat,  the custom authorities raised a suspicion and caught hold of the car to examine it further. If it was gone unnoticed, it would have reached to its dealership and to then to its customer without any hustle bustle.

Moreover, the animal leather was not certified by the luxury car gaint and the exact source of fitting also remains obscure. If the matter is dragged into the court, not only the owner has to pay a hefty amount but the dealership can also face issues regarding its license termination. Though using animal parts for other purposes are classified as legal in many countries. But it does require a clearance document and No-Objection Certificate.