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Skoda auto patents advanced illuminated seatbelts-World’s First

Skoda Auto patents the World’s first illuminated seatbelt feature to improve safety and to remind drivers to fasten up easily.

Skoda Auto is aiming towards upgrading their safety techs by patenting illuminated seat belt buckles.The Tech has been developed in the firm’s ‘Simply Clever Labs’.The new smart buckles boasts a clever multi-colour LED transparent button which operates in two ways.The colour of the button remains to be white when there’s nobody sitting on the seat (Exeptional job done by the sensors) in order to indicate the placement of the seatbelt buckle, which by the way also helps one to identify whether the seatbelt has been slot in or not.

Once the seatbelt is slotted the colour of the LED changes to green for validation and then again changes back to white.How clever is that?


The new patent tech is under development, Although some of Audi’s have this feature wherein it only houses white LED’s around the buckles, which is quite primitive compared to this advanced to tech.Volkswagen group also claims that the factory has filed 94 individual patent applications which by the way is more than any other company in the Czech Repulic.

Skoda auto says “no concrete plans at the moment” with regards to implementation of the tech in it’s production Cars.