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Supreme court bans Rapido operations in Delhi

Don't use Rapido app, Pune RTO says after transport authority denies it  licence again | Pune News, The Indian Express

The Supreme court has issues ban on Rapido, Uber and other bike taxis in Delhi

The ban on bike taxi services such as Uber and Rapido in New Delhi has been reinstated by the Supreme Court, overturning the earlier decision of the Delhi High Court that allowed these services to operate. The Supreme Court made this ruling while considering two pleas filed by the Delhi government against the high court’s order, which had permitted bike taxi aggregators to function until the final policy on the use of non-transport 2-wheelers was notified.

Rapido’s parent company had approached the high court seeking relief from a Delhi government order that directed them to immediately halt the use of non-transport 2-wheelers for passenger transportation or commercial purposes. The government had warned aggregators that operating bike taxis in the city could result in a fine of up to Rs 1 lakh.

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The plea argued that the government’s actions contradicted the intentions and objectives of the Central Government regarding the licensing of aggregators, as specified in the Motor Vehicles Act. However, the Ministry of Transport is yet to establish guidelines for the aggregation and ride-sharing of non-transport 2-wheelers.

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