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Suzuki Motorcycle to shut down it’s Plant in India

Suzuki Motorcycle India has temporarily halted production at its factories due to a cyber attack.

The company postponed its annual supplier conference due to the incident, citing an “unprecedented business requirement”, resulting in an estimated production loss of over 20,000 vehicles. The attack has been reported to the relevant government department, and investigations are underway. The spokesperson did not disclose the source of the attack or provide a specific timeline for resuming production, although sources suggest operations will resume in the coming days.

Suzuki Motorcycle plant to shut down

Suzuki Motorcycle India is the country’s fifth-largest two-wheeler producer and a significant market for Suzuki Motor Corporation outside of Japan. The Indian output caters to global markets, accounting for 50 percent of Suzuki Motor Corporation’s global production in the last financial year. India’s growing market played a crucial role in Suzuki’s global output growth, contributing 85 percent of the incremental volumes in the same period.

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In the highly competitive Indian two-wheeler market, Suzuki Motorcycle holds a market share of around 5 percent. Its Burgman Street and Access scooters are particularly popular, representing over 90 percent of the company’s total output in the last financial year. The company commands a 14 percent market share in the scooter segment.