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Suzuki Swift Hybrid likely to launch in India with 40 kmpl mileage.

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Maruti Suzuki, a popular car brand in India, is planning to make their Swift hatchback more eco-friendly by adding hybrid technology. This technology, already used in models like Grand Vitara, promises better mileage. The Swift hybrid will have a new engine and a mild hybrid system, providing extra power and efficiency.

Maruti Suzuki is keen on hybrid tech and believes around 25% of their car sales in India by 2031 will be hybrid models. They currently offer two types of hybrid technology – Smart Hybrid and Intelligent Electric Hybrid – across seven models. The Smart Hybrid tech improves driving performance and fuel efficiency by starting and stopping the engine automatically when needed.

Their hybrid journey started in 2015, and now they’re taking another step with the Swift hybrid. The technology captures energy when you brake or slow down, using it to generate power for the car. This helps in saving fuel and making the car more environment-friendly. So, it’s not just about driving but also about being eco-conscious!