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Tata dealer tests stability of New Safari at 90 kmph, receives backlashes from Netizens


In a recent video shared by @gasguzzlerayush , a stability test of the Tata Safari at 90 km/hr was conducted. The driver exhibited an aggressive maneuvering technique, alternating between left and right movements, accompanied by audible sounds of tire screeching and brakes. Some viewers likened it to a moose test, while others clarified that the moose test involves a fixed speed with properly positioned cones.

Several individuals on the internet defended the stability, attributing it to the monocoque chassis’s ability to handle body roll. Others suggested testing older-generation Safaris and Scorpio Classics for comparison. However, critics raised concerns about the stability, labeling it as a performance that fell short of expectations.

Speaking about our opinion on this, The Tata Safari successfully passed the “mose test” as depicted in the video. The footage demonstrates the car maintaining stability without skidding and effectively maneuvering at high speeds. The test simulates a scenario where the vehicle can adeptly steer when faced with a sudden obstacle in its path. However, we do not encourage people to perform such tests on Public roads.