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Tata Motors aims to launch 10 electric vehicles by 2025

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Tata Motors will lead this change in the Indian market. Co. will be the torch-bearer for green mobility in the automotive world – N Chandrasekaran.

After creating a complete roadmap for Jaguar Land Rover towards electrification, Tata Motors is now planning to launch 10 new battery-powered EVs. N Chandrasekaran while addressing shareholders in 76th annual report said “By 2025, Tata Motors will have 10 new BEV vehicles and as a Group, we will invest proactively to set up charging infrastructure across the country. In addition, the Tata Group is actively exploring partnerships in cell and battery manufacturing in India and Europe to secure our supplies of batteries.”

With 4000 sales of it’s only Electric Vehicle, The Tata Nexon EV, The Indian Automaker witnesses doubled EV penetration by FY21 and Tata Motors says the penetration is likely to elevate sharply by the coming years. Moreover, Tata Motors is also working on an automotive software which will allow us to see a new age connected and autonomous Vehicles.

The Company says with consumer’s preferences shifting towards personal mobility with skyrocketing fuel prices the Demand of electric Vehicles is likely to remain stronger. However, the condition of supply is likely to be hugely impacted due to multiple lockdowns in the nation and heavy shortages of semi-conductors in the World.