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Tata Nexon breaks down just after one day of delivery, dealership provides new vehicle

1 Day-Old Nexon Facelift Breaks Down: Tata Replaces SUV

In a remarkable departure from the norm, Tata Motors recently demonstrated exemplary customer service by swiftly addressing a manufacturing defect in a Nexon owner’s vehicle. The incident, shared on YouTube by Prateek Singh, showcases the owner’s ordeal when his newly purchased Tata Nexon experienced an electrical failure on the very day of purchase.

The owner, narrating the incident from Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, described how the car’s entire electrical system failed while driving at 80 kmph, leaving him and his family stranded on the roadside. Despite several attempts, neither interior nor exterior lights illuminated, and the key failed to function.

Upon contacting Tata Motors for assistance, the owner faced a delay of 4-6 hours before help arrived. However, in a positive turn of events, a few days later, the dealership Anjney Motors from Meerut replaced the faulty Nexon with a brand-new one.

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While the exact nature of the manufacturing defect remains undisclosed, the dealership’s swift response and willingness to accommodate the owner’s request to change the car’s color from white to Daytona Grey were highlighted. The owner expressed gratitude towards Anjney Motors for their prompt and supportive handling of the situation.