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Tesla Cars banned from parking at Government compounds in China

Tesla salva la subida de precios en China: sus coches eléctricos estarán libres de impuestos

Tesla’s on going controversy with China seems to find no end in the coming time. Reportedly, Chinese authorities have raised a suspicion over Tesla cars being used as spy in China.

Tesla cars have cameras fitted in them for assisting the driver in parking, auto-pilot and self-driving. Chinese officials believe this is an attempt to keep an eye over the secretive activities of China. Moreover, in the most recent move, authorities have verbally prohibited all Tesla cars from being parked in the office space and high security zones. This is taken as a preventive measure from allowing Tesla car cameras to record any sensitive information.

In reply to these claims by China, Elon Musk denied all such allegations by calling it fake. He added that, any such activity of spying via car cameras would only hamper his and Tesla’s goodwill. Also, the camera fitted in the cars are not activated elsewhere other than North America. And the customers have an option to fit the camera as well.

For more briefing, China is the 2nd largest market to Tesla after its home base country, America. Roughly, 30% of Tesla’s annual sale is contributed by China alone. Apart from California, China is the only country where Tesla has a gigafactory manufacturing facility where Model 3 sedans and Model Y SUVs are produced.