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Tesla Cybertruck spotted at Texas Giga Factory, Looks Massive!

cybertruck cgi irl

Elon Musk had stated previously that the Cybertruck might draw great similarities from Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI) in real life, and after surfacing through the footage it genuinely feels like Musk was absolutely rigid with his words.

More footage of the Cybertruck still continues to run on Social Media, which includes the Cybertruck roaming around the factory and workers of the Giga capturing videos all around.


There are certain angles when the Cybertruck flaunts it’s unreal looks even when it twirls around and that is partly due to it’s unconventional and strange design ques, which is utterly unseen in the way it uses straight metals and glass panels. And that’s the reason why the cybertruck has gained such massive hypes over social media, right from it’s brutalist design to it’s weird angular stance, people are massively crazy over it all over.

Numerous people argue that the Cybertruck is ugly upto a huge degree but hey, you strongly couldn’t ignore it’s inevitable design which is eye-grabbing and memorable.

Challenges to Cybertruck

In order to grab huge sales like it’s sibling Model 3, the Vehicle must try to catch-in good numbers of traditional pickup buyers, this would be quite challenging considering the way it looks for what a pickup truck should look like; people have to get used to this concept. But Tesla claims that it will be equipping the Cybertruck with features and technology that is likely to make attractive even to traditional pickup buyers.

These include a 6.5-foot bed, a 14,000-lb towing capacity, and a tri-motor setup that allows it to travel from 0-100 kmph in 2.9 seconds. along with utility features like adaptive air suspension that makes loading cargo easier, and a generous 100 cu-ft of storage, the Cybertruck would likely be able to match and perhaps even exceed some of the most popular pickup trucks of today.