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Tesla Inching Closer To India Entry, Gujarat plant to be announced soon!

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Tesla might be setting up a big factory in Gujarat, India, soon. This could mean exciting news for the Indian car market. Elon Musk might even show up at an event in January 2024 to announce this. Gujarat is a good place for Tesla because it’s good for exporting stuff and has friendly rules for businesses.

But there’s a problem: India charges a lot of tax on imported cars, so Tesla doesn’t sell cars directly in India right now. To fix this, Tesla wants the government to lower the tax for the first two years. They promise to help India’s car industry and invest a lot of money, but the government isn’t sure about reducing the tax. They might agree to a lower tax for fewer cars.

Gujarat officials are excited about Tesla coming and are ready to support them. Tesla also promises to make some cars in India, starting with 20% and growing to 40%. If they agree on taxes, Tesla cars like Model 3 and Model Y could become affordable in India. The January event might decide if Tesla can start selling cars in India or if they’ll have to wait longer. Keep an eye out for updates!