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Tesla likely to be as cheaper to maintain as a maruti car in India

Tesla Is Preparing for a Robust Entry into India, a Multi-Billion Doll

Before purchasing a new or used car, consumers consider various factors such as features, fuel efficiency, build quality, and maintenance costs. In India, where several brands struggle to gain consumer attention due to high maintenance costs, a recent report from Consumer Reports reveals an interesting finding: the maintenance cost of a Tesla is actually lower than that of a Toyota.

The report, based on a survey conducted among its members, highlights that while cars generally require little or no maintenance in the first five years, expenses tend to increase significantly as vehicles age. Despite this trend, Tesla emerged with the lowest maintenance costs over a 10-year period compared to other brands.

One reason cited for Tesla’s lower maintenance costs is its status as an electric car manufacturer. Electric vehicles (EVs) typically have lower running costs compared to internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles, as they do not require traditional servicing or oil changes. This affordability in maintenance contributes to the appeal of EVs among buyers. The report indicates that Tesla’s 10-year maintenance cost totals around $4,035, compared to Toyota’s $4,900, positioning Tesla as a cost-effective option even when compared to renowned brands like Toyota. As Tesla gears up to enter the Indian market, this insight may shape consumer preferences in the country’s automotive landscape.