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Tesla might partner with Tata Motors to manufacture and sell it’s Vehicles

A market rumour has been constantly circulating on internet stating that Tesla is planning to sign an MoU and collaborate with Tata Motors in an aim to Manufacture and sell it’s Vehicles in India by using the Services from Tata. Interestingly, The rumour also gave a boost to the stock prices of Tata Motors.

The rumour also suggests that Tesla has conducted a persistent effort of researching and finds Tata Motors with the status of best EV infrastructures at present, amongst all the Automakers in India. However, Tata Motors, with a statement to press denies with all the above rumours. Get more Tesla auto news in India.

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Tata Motors says that company has not taken any decisions regarding the strategic partnerships and understandably disagrees with all the suggested rumours. We bring the best car news in India.