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Tesla Model 3 with self-driving beta smartly overtakes a Garbage truck


It was this October, Tesla divulged it’s full-self driving software to fistful of owners to let them know what it’s exactly like and the below footage embellishes it’s capabilities further.


In the above footage, a Tesla Model 3 featured with Full Self-Driving proceeds near a Garbage Truck on the Road which is frequently stopping and running. It’s completely astonishing how the system instantly recognizes the best way to deal with this, instead of stopping or crawling at low speeds behind the truck, the tesla decides to overtake the truck.

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and yes make no mistake, the Car wont blindly overtake anyone like this instead it makes a proper analytics through it’s highly advanced AI and then only it makes such crucial decisions. In the above case, the Tesla decides to move slightly to the left in order to check weather a car is hitting through the other lane or weather it would be safe to overtake or not, Tesla recognizes that there’s no oncoming traffic and overtakes the garbage Truck.

Now it certainly flaunts a great demonstration of the nimble-witted capabilities of the Tesla. However, it was slightly far from being a neat and a precise overtake, as the driver at one particular stage had to put his hands on the steering wheel when the Model 3 attempted to return to it’s lane too quick. Moreover, the car held it’s feet at the opposite lane for far too long time than it was needed. While, it did get the task done but the process could have been more effortless and explicit.