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Tesla to deploy test units of Model 3 in India by August 2021

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Tesla is reportedly all-set to deploy test mules of Model 3 Units in India for devising testing phases. The Full-electric Sedan is likely to become production ready by 2021 end.

According to sources, The Sole reason behind testing is to obtain approval from Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI). Moreover, Tesla and ARAI will also test the Model 3 for crash safety, emissions and other crucial yardsticks required before making the Car Production-ready.

Local Sources also reveal that the Model 3 cars have been already dropped in Mumbai and more units shall make it’s way.

Tesla Showrooms and Hiring

Tesla is looking towards adding 3-4 showrooms in India in Major Cities like Mumbai, Delhi and Bengaluru. Though the executive team is presently composed of fistful of members, Tesla will hire new executives in the upcoming 2-3 months with the Senior Leadership being likely to operate from outside of Mumbai.

Tesla is likely to slowly execute plans. The EV Maker will Make an extensive report of testing it’s Sales and Demand in various areas before making it in major regions of the country. Reportedly, Tesla is likely to keep an eye on franchise model for aftersales Workshops in the nation.

Orders by 2021 End

Tesla is expected to officially open it’s India Design studio on it’s website by end of 2021. However, the deliveries are unlikely to be made by ate 2022 or early 2023 because the EV manufacturer has to establish some manufacturing units in the nation before the inception. Nevertheless, there is a back-end work already under-process by Tesla in order to make the Vehicle ready for approval and potential sale by 2021 end.